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I will Never Buy This Car No Matter How Rich I Am || Says A Man After Seeing The Price For This Car

Date : 07 October 2021

Isn't it lovely to get to drive the car of your dreams? , the car that you have been dreaming to drive in your life. It's so beautiful to see those dreams coming true in life. Having a car in life is one of the good things in that has the ability to make one happy. You can tell by the emotions that tend to come after a person just purchased his or her car. Those are priceless moments in life that deserve to be celebrated in . Some tend to reward themselves for their hard work by buying themselves expensive cars. Such stories need to be told to inspire people to work hard.

However there are others who believe that buying a car is not necessary to them. There are people who prefer to use public transport when they are able to buy a car for themselves.A man took it to Twitter to show how his taste is when it comes to car. He made a tweet and revealed that he would never buy Lamborghini Urus that costs R4,4 million no matter how rich he is. This is one of the expensive cars in the world with quality service. It is one of the cars that some tend to dream to drive it.

A Twitter user by the handle " King Tanzwani " Says he would rather buy defender V8 that cost R 2,5 million. He believes that the one for R4, 4 million is not worth it. Lamborghini Urus is one of the cars that have quality in the world but to him it's not like that. Indeed people love different thingsWhat's your view about thus?, share your views and follow for more news.

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