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Road Accident

Horrific| See What happened To A Golf 7 GTI that Was Going 256km/h and Lost Control

Date: 16/11/21



Speeding on the roads of South Africa is something that is not allowed by law. The maximum speed on a South African freeway is 180 km/h but many South Africans failed to follow this one precise rule. This is mainly because they buy cars that are able to go at higher speeds and they want to test them out by speeding at their maximum and it always leads to very horrific accidents on the road. One VW Golf 7 has been trending on social media after it got into an accident driving at almost maximum speed.


It is said that the golf 7 was driving at almost maximum speed on the South African Road. According to the investigation, the car was going at around 256 km/h on top of a bridge when all of a sudden it lost control and the person broke the barricades. The car flew into the side of the bridge and it got squashed and almost flattened by the impact.

This is something no one has ever seen in the streets of South Africa as the car obviously got flattened and the person who was driving died on the spot. It was the police and the traffic officers that took pictures of the car as soon as the accident happened. It is a very horrific scene to see because of how squashed the car became.


This is just evidence for everyone in the country to know exactly what happens when you Overspeed on the South African roads. It does not matter how fast you come may go keeping to the speed limit is something that everyone should follow at all costs to avoid dying in such a way.

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