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Checkout The Modern Automobile Concept Being Used As Taxis In Dubai (Photos)

A taxi is a vehicle that is designed to carry people within a city. Traditional taxis are four-seaters that can accommodate a driver and three passengers, but the current taxis employed in Dubai offer a completely different picture of public transportation.

Automobile businesses in Dubai have made self-driving cars available to the general public, which are fully operable without the assistance of a human driver.

The automobiles employ a built-in geolocation system to track and transport people to their preferred location. The intracity transportation devices are fully automated, picking up and dropping off passengers at pre-programmed places in the system software.

This innovative mode of transportation is gaining popularity around the world because it not only allows passengers to be transported without a human driver, but it is also environmentally good because the vehicles emit no gas.

What are your thoughts on Dubai's technology?

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