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Road Accident

King Monada's M4 car has been repossessed

King Monada or not we can't be black and continue celebrating a fellow black person's downfall, come on man not in 2021.

There's something called ,missed payments,cheque bounce,late payments, whoever handling your finance might not be doing something right etc .....repossession of a car doesn't mean one "o wele.

When they repossessed your car they don't need to have police. They just came an took your car... An sign the document

Even if he called them to come pick it up & resell it cos he's got no use for it any more. Black people when they see a tow truck like that it's "Repossessed"

We are living through a pandemic , people are barely making it financially and y’all still do this? Yhuuu hai man..There's people were not making money during these lockdowns, totally understandable.

It doesn't mean "o wele". Let's not celebrate each other's downfall please guys

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