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BMW i4 M50 Is Faster Than The BMW M4

18 January 2022

If you still think that the future is near, you're wrong, the future is here. The long awaited transition is finally taking place and it just might be hiding under the shell of this BMW below. At first glance you might think that this is the new BMW M4, but guess again, this is the future and it is called the BMW i4 M50. (Image: The New BMW i4 M50)

We live in a world where a lot of things are starting to not make any sense at all, since the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, a whole lot of industries have seen some major changes, however no one would have thought that the age of electric vehicles would take over the market at such a swift and steady pace. (Image: BMW i4 M50 With The M-Performance Pack)

BMW has done the unthinkable and the BMW fanboys are definitely not going to be happy this time around. The BMW i4 M50 is the fully electric version of the 4 series range, however, it seems like it is also the fastest and most powerful in the range, this is a bold step out of BMW. (Image: BMW M Performance Range)

In the past or traditionally, the fastest model out their series of cars would be the one that carried the biggest engine of the range, for example the fastest car in the 2 series range is the M2, in the 3 series range it's the M3, however in the 4 series range, the electric car being the i4 M50 takes the trophy because the BMW M4 pales in comparison to its electric counterpart. (Image: BMW M4)

The engine under the hood of the M4 is no child's play, it can still give a whole lot of cars a good spanking on the road but this raises the question of whether BMW will use this strategy throughout its' entire range.

Do you think that electric cars are here to stay or is this just a phase or trend that will pass by? Leave Your comment below, like and share for more content.


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