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People's success does not require your permission or endorsement.

I don't like Audi - I never have. It's a car make that I generally wouldn't drive. I have no bad experience with the car, it has done absolutely nothing to me. The car simply doesn't appeal to my senses and it really is not my cup of tea. But in 2019, Audi made R1 081 845 376 080.00 in its revenue. That is almost the size of the GDP of Tanzania - Africa's tenth richest country - and five times the GDP of Rwanda. And despite 2019 having been a tough financial year, Audi sold almost 2 million cars worldwide - an increase of 1.8 percent from the previous year.

What I am trying to tell you is that my feelings about Audi don't make Audi a less profitable car brand. They have no bearing on its value and efficient engineering. Whether I like Audi or not, it is not going to stop making profit. You see that person that you dislike so much, who you cannot stand for absolutely no reason? They are not going to stop being successful just because you dislike them. Like Audi, they will continue to perform well against the odds. And they too will appeal to multitudes of people who will love and invest in them whether you like it or not. People's success doesn't require your permission or endorsement.Class is out. That's the lesson for the day

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