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10 Modern European Sports Cars That Are Ugly.

10 Modern European Sports Cars That Are Ugly.

Although sports cars originated in Europe, the continent has nonetheless produced a number of unimpressive current versions.

Numerous automakers producing superbly tuned sports vehicles for the European market are sure to make any gearhead drool with desire. Sadly, those dreams occasionally materialize into terrifying events.

Where, or more precisely, when did it all start? Surprisingly, Vauxhall was the one to kick off the process in 1914 with their Prince Henry "Sports Torpedo." Since the advent of the sports car, Europe has not looked back. Vauxhall has created a number of vehicles to steer clear of, though, rather than expanding on its plan for carving out a niche. A good example is the late-1990s Calibra, which was attractive to look at but had subpar performance.

History ought to have taught designers what works and what doesn't. In fact, people continue to make the same decisions that they did 30, 40, or more years ago. Inadequately tagged "sports" models and too ambitious performance claims that ruined Vector Aeromotives' whole line are still prevalent.

Give us what we want, not another reason to stay away, is the clear message to automobile manufacturers.

- Keating Bolt

- Tauro Sport V8

- Abarth 124 Spider

- Maserati GranSport Spyder

- Opel Speedster Turbo

- Volkswagen Scirocco

- Morgan Super 3

- Nobel M600

- Smart Roadster Coupe

- Marcos Mantis M70

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