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OPINION |Have you seen this Hyundai car looks like a Huawei wifi router

This car is the new ride in South Africa


Sources: Daniel Marven Twitter page

Have you ever seen this car before well, it is now the popular ride in south Africa. It is a Hyundai and people love it because they think it is affordable and it can get you anywhere you want to be.

There is something about this car though, it actually looks like a Huawei wifi router. Then again it looks like the one that drives by Micheal Knight. There are poeple who like different things and this one has to be one of them because it is way too different.

In my opinion i think this car it better for maybe if they use it for other different purposes, not as an everyday ride because it does not have much space and carry many passengers as a person wishes to. It can be good to be use a food delivery car.

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