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Before you drive your car check these things to avoid danger on the road

Cars are means of transport that have been used for centuries and people have been benefiting alot from this transport system. Things are easier nowadays like of you want to go on a trip road, you can just start your car and hit the road. You don't even have to call someone to take you there for as long as you know how to drive everything becomes simple.

But there are also things to consider before driving a car. You must first check under the car if there is a pet hiding under it or maybe something valuable that was put by children. If there is pet or a child under that car you have a risk of running it over or end up killing it. So its best to check before moving just to be sure. They say rather be safe than to be sorry.

One of the most important things that need to be checked is water and the coolant. As we know the car engine get hotter the more it travels a long distance so water is needed to ensure that the engine is cooled down. If you driving car without water or coolant then the engine will immediately catch fire and destroy all the entire car system in the engine because there is nothing helping the engine to regulate temperature. So heat will keep on rising until the engine explode.

Check your oil level and the date that you may need an oil change. If it is almost the time to change your oil then do it. A long trip can give more stress on your vehicle. Adding extra oil will not work as changing the oil, because the sludge from your old oil cannot be cleared. If possible, the oil filter can also be changed at the same time.

Make sure to check the various fluid levels in your car and make sure they are all topped off,including the oil, coolant, windscreen wash levels and brake fluids. This is an efficient way to avoid unnecessary breakdowns that could lead to possible accidents.

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