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Lamborghini Creates A Double Can Concepts: Hints Of A Pickup Truck

The Aventador, Huracan, and Urus super SUVs from Lamborghini are well known. Some people ponder whether the Italian automaker would dare to produce one given the prevalence of super pickup trucks like the Ram 1500 TRX in the United States. HotCars commissioned digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel to produce a rendering of what a Lamborghini truck may look like.

It's interesting to note that Lamborghini created the LM002, often known as the Rambo Lambo, an off-road SUV that was finished and marketed as a pickup truck. The Rambo, which uses the Countach's V12 engine, has a maximum output of 414 horsepower and a maximum torque of 369 lb-ft. Each LM002 has a body made of aluminum and fiberglass, and it is equipped with specially made Pirelli tires.

However, it takes a while to instantly identify the LM002 as a Lamborghini. This is merely due to the exterior's lack of the distinctive features found on Lambo supercars, particularly the smooth, angular styling of the Countach and Diablo models. But the renderings of a Lamborghini pickup by Adry tell a different tale. This novel idea can be likened to a roaring bull.

Without a doubt, these depicted pickup trucks are Lamborghinis from front to back. Nearly every part of the outside screams Lamborghini, and the pickup appears to be a combination of diverse features from both contemporary and classic versions. Numerous features, such as the headlights and the fuel cover, are dominated by hexagons and Y forms.

The front part is, if that makes sense. After all, this Lamborghini truck uses the Sian hybrid's front end, which in turn uses the Terzo Millennio's headlamps and the Countach's three-dot rear light.

However, this Lambo rendering has a number of pickup truck components. These include the truck bed, several underbody shields, gigantic fenders, and enormous wheels and tires. By the way, it's a double cab, and the back compartment may fit extra passengers.

The possibility exists for Lamborghini to manufacture its own pickup vehicle. It might employ the same platform that Volkswagen, the company's parent, uses to support the Amarok. Lamborghini already has strong engines, but it also requires a lot of torque. Going hybrid, like the Sian, is an additional option.

Despite the potential, Lamborghini is unlikely to produce pickup vehicles since doing so may damage its reputation.

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