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A man kept his car for 50 years, this is how much he is selling now in September 2021.

For 50 years the Jerry Stamper had been the owner of this magnificent 1956 JAGUAR XK140 ROADSTER that he inherited from his father who died from cancer.

And for 50 years he put absolute care into maintaining the car that saves as a memory to his father that he never really know since he passed on when he was very young.

The car his father bought for $2,210 is now valued at $150 000 with largely the same specs as it was in the 1950s when it was first manufactured. 

What are the specs?

1956 Jaguar XK-140 is powered by a 3.4-liter engine that produces 140KW and 142NM. 1956 Jaguar XK-140 has a surprising speed of 180 kilometers per hour although it's now almost possible to reach that speed after all these years.

The buyback program

Jaguar routinely buys back vintage cars from its clients at a premium price. These cars will feature in museums and vintage movies or any other cultural projects that the company commits.

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Jaguar Jaguar XK-140 Jerry Stamper


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