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Congratulations | This actress just bought herself an elegant German car

Why does everybody want to drive and own a car?

First things first, technology has changed the world. Our lifestyle depends on electronic items like TVs, fridges, personal cars, and other products. However, all-electric items have many advantages, such as making our lives easier. On the other hand, there are many disadvantages, especially those that destroy our environment.

When It comes to cars, they are important. In the long run, having your own car will save you time. When you don't have enough time to wait for a bus, carpool, or ride-share system, you can leave work or your home whenever you want. You may have to sit in a little bit of traffic while driving, but really you get to determine your schedule.

Lungelo Mpangase, a South African actress just spoiled herself with a very exquisite brand new Mercedes Benz. Things are going well for her. She has made it in life. It is most people's dream to buy cars but not all of us end up buying our dream automobiles because of financial difficulties.

Important reasons why you should own a car

• The convenience. With your own car, you'll enjoy the convenience of being able to travel anywhere you want, any time you want. ...

• Have your own freedom. ...

• Can take road trips. ...

• Saves time. ...

• Great for families. ...

• Shows responsibility.

Pros of owning a car :

The cars can transport the people and goods from one part of the country to the other easily. The people would be very tired from walking long distances if there were no cars. Cars help the people to go to other places quicker. They also help the people to travel around with a great deal of freedom. They can be used for the luxury and the entertainment too.

Cons :

Cars emit the greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming. Some air pollutants and particulate matters from the cars can be deposited on the soil and the water surface where they enter the food chain that can affect the reproductive, respiratory, the immune and the neurological systems of animals.

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