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Fans feel the new Bathu sneaker Mercedes Benz edition is not nice and lack authenticity, Heres why?

The Bathu owners seem to be aiming high and as everything get’s going they always seem to get a great feature and a very civilised collaboration. They first collaborated with Somizi and his sneakers were dribbling the market for a short period of time, and then now it seems its time for a new collaboration for the sneakers. There has been a trending post on twitter where it has been released to the community about the Mercedes Benz collaboration with Bathu.

Here is the post from twitter that was posted and the one that has been trending throughout the app.

Though everyone feel that its good for Bathu to he collaborating with the greatest and big brands because thats where the money is at. But fans feel that the sneaker is ugly and it needs to change. They feel that the sneaker has some fake look on it because it can easily be made fake from the streets. Its time Bathu comes with a new design some mentioned on the comments and here is the picture of the sneaker with the Benz logo on it. Though some feel that this sneaker is only made for those that own the Mercedes car.

The picture was posted on twitter next to the post as the introduction of the sneaker edition.

If given the money would you purchase the sneaker? It is because people believe the sneaker is not authentic they feel even if your wearing It in the streets no one will believe it’s original.

Here are the negative comments from twitter after the picture and post was posted and other people shared their views on the sneaker.

Source: twitter social media platform

The link to the post:

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