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African art and craft, a corporate crime.

To curate a product and research the story behind it is not the selling point . We have considered Arts and tourism products as other entities other than being entries into the market value chain. Art is an ambassador to its own country . How far have we come to profiling the hands , the mouths and the minds that came to create a product that integrates people into a discovery of historical, heritage linage and solutions for human needs?

South Africa invests on bringing foreign products and manufactured goods that come into the country to make life better and conglomerate a form of function within the global village. Products such as already manufactured cars, packaged foods, chemicals, equipment, machinery, GMO (monsanto and alternative food replicators) brand clothing and appliances have attracted many businesses to outsource rather than to buy local. We invest less in innovations, manufacturing hubs, factories and the mass production of unique makes. While in the real africa invaluable products and services which can be expanded to reach and expatiate to an international market, many of these products that have been neglected in their potential have been raw materials (minerals). South Africa has the skills to explore, expand and manufacture products demanded my the world from minerals but the very countries with the machinery and mass production capacity still have choice or options to partner, or to just source and go.

 We haven’t won the perfection game of proper systems and intentions in place to  uplift, expose and promote internationally the successes we've had on our own inventions, excellent products, services or manufacturing of goods from scratch, especially in arts. 80 percent of The responsibility and information of this kind of development lies on the media, broadcasting, marketing and international relations movements and private institution , especially also those that are involved in trade, import , export,  and b2b conferences and policy influences.

South Africa has a lot of indigenous art and Products that have huge potential to contribute to the economy. Unless those who are in academics, research, media or buying and selling make it a duty and prerequisite to include the sciences and cosmologies of these art works in digital content and marketing space we wont know that most afrikan art works are actually portals to the sciences and technologies (they have periodic tables) that we have lost in EUROCENTRIC definitions.

How do the indigenous arts claim their space in chemistry, science , cosmology and archiving of oral or visual histories? to avoid the status quo of a gullible third world country that seeks to receive, borrow or give away its resources in return for food, shelter and education.

From the public responses we get from typical visitor who come as tourist or for work. The SMEs operated in South Africa, are slow to discover or know the availability and the potential of great, quality South African products that are made, invented  in or assembled in the country by individuals, or companies and the matter lies with information distribution. Most South African owned products should be making use these platforms to advocate against the prostitution of mass producing some of these good.

The statements of China turning our currency shells and african print and fabrics into synthetic replicas for mass production can be traced back to the short sighted mode of big corporate companies not partnering with informal traders, hand crafters and smaller arts companies in the manufacturing of indigenous art. Government can depend on their own doctrines that resume from the policies  and parliamentary decisions of humans with their own errors. This are things we own.

One of the biggest goals of radical economic transformation is the empowerment of local business, skills developments and education.

With the current education the debate closely relating to the enforced old and unfitting education ideologies and dogmas of former oppressive systems that seemed to help Africa learn and function with the french, latin theories within the  human sciences, .This has placed the transfer of skills and education in limited planes only sourced from discoveries by the western and eastern worlds . Creating programs , institutions and community operated centres for the elders to transfare skills is a solution for sectors such as the creative arts.

if we had as a country previously put focus on retirement funds, and packages to live off and die. lets re introduce and incubate our elders back to their ancestral memory. the skills they new off growing up and never took up, or lost along the way to fit in South Africas democratic system and begging mentality

South Africas elders are dying off with their library shell house also most rarest and valuable skills especially in , the arts and craft and social and integration cohesions that they lived by and functioned with before the times of the introductory of foreign propagandist ideologies. Systems such as  apartheid, segregations, inequality and the ripple effects of Bantu education dis empowered a lot of indigenous or native people from obtaining skills, quality eduction and the right to think out of the box and implements business in their communities as they pleases to uplift their people and environments. As part of a solution Elders should not be excluded and boxed only in the crates of retire and die expectations and should have the option of voluntarily opening business that the Setas will support and turn into programs for the youth to gain skills, and inspiration to collaborate the knowledge with current global village technologies.

If countries like South Africa allow the research , market access strategies and distribution of african products, innovations and businesses models that can compete with the international worlds or global village if it could just be invested, funded, adopted or de-puzzled into programs of skills training and transfer into the schools, from primary levels and-into community and rural set ups where people can obtain for free or at subsidised platforms or institutions.

Content created and supplied by: KhethiweBikirah (via Opera News )

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