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Art and Healing: Music as Medicine.

One cannot speak of human existence without mentioning one of the most essential components of human existence, Art.

Art has been the medium through which humans were able to express that which has been deemed inexpressible. A medium where people who were worlds apart were able to connect and communicate their innermost feelings with one another without ever having to meet. Among the divine mediums of Art, there is one that stands out in its ability to evoke emotion in any individual regardless of their position in life. This is the medium we refer to as music.

If we were to take a minute to reflect on human existence and the evolution of humankind throughout history, we would find that we cannot mention a time where man existed without the sensation of the blissful sound of music.

Though in the contemporary world music is primarily considered as a source of entertainment, in the elder days music was revered and respected as a divine healing element. One capable of miraculous things such as mending a broken heart. To the average contemporary man such a feat may not be one that could be considered of miraculous status, however to the man who understands that the mending of a broken heart has effects that are far-reaching, such a feat is truly worthy of the divine term miraculous.

Not yet convinced of the healing power of music? Consider the following scenario: A newborn baby is crying throughout the night, restless, unable to sleep. Is it not the sweet soothing sound of the caretaker's lullaby that comforts the child? Is it not the loving melody that puts the child's restless spirit at ease? Consider how you yourself feel when you hear a song that evokes a blissful memory within you. Is this memory not accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of bliss? 

Such is the power of music, divine in nature, loving and comforting to people of all ages, in all walks of life. 

Music has the capacity to heal the spirit of a man. It is a remedy that works from within enabling the man to regain his inner strength in order that he may remember his divine nature and take responsibility for his well-being as a divine creature. However, like all forms of medication, if music is abused, it has the capacity to destroy a man, to lead him astray in his thoughts and inevitably force him to forsake himself. As in all things, one should have the capacity to choose wisely and to understand that all things that are considered to be good are also accompanied by the idea of a good amount.

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