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A young SASCO leader says it's time for women to rise

13 May 2020

Reitumetsi Mooki (REC member SASCO Magaung)

Our daily struggles, amidst covid-19 pandemic.

Women leadership must rise.

13 May 2020.

The pandemic has exposed the total failure of capitalism as a system. It has also exposed that women have an opportunity to play a role in the changing of society. Firstly as an activist of SASCO, who is charged with drawing her conduct and moral standing from our organisational principles, it is important that we invoke the spirit of debate amongst us. The article commences with the notion that a typical patriarchal structure produces and reproduces male domination in society, which is a key feature of capitalist arrangement.

As a second commence, our political system seems to be failing on the equality of gender. As those who form part of the "revolutionary intelligentsia", one would note, it is not on the gender question that is a problem, also class, race as key features. In advancing one of our principles, "working-class leadership", we as SASCO must join in the celebration of workers month. I have also learnt, that in the 70's, it was a historical moment of unity between workers unions and student organisations, or rather formations which led to the 1976 student uprise as well as various boycott meetings and campaigns of studdents and workers in the 80's. In view of all these important historical revelations, the female struggles or women struggles are being largely subordinated in terms of being published.

It would be ahistorical for us not to remind one another on the advances made by women during a difficult apartheid era. When the colonial and apartheid forces forced males through labour-emigration laws into Mines and Agricultural farming lands, it was the female activists and women left in the township struggles. Amidst the history, it has a way of repeating itself, in my view of the latter principle of our student organisation, I have decided to pay attention on the principle of "community-work", as it says;

"We are first community members, before we are students" this is so true, and the virus has subjected the student mass to stay at home. As a result, one has been charged in the practical study of society. The covid 19 pandemic has subjected less economic activities , collapse of vetkoek, chips, skhambane businesses. Collapse of black owned salons, car washes, chesa nyama etc. These has cost a low blow, job losses, expensive and higher spending of food, because a household that used to be three people has multiplied to 4 times more. Why the multiplication?

The three brothers and cousins used to spent 8 hours at school, are now full time at home, and eats more than they used to. Myself who had more of her time at tertiary, is now full time at home. This is a story of the whole townships in Mangaung, and the female being is charged to carry such struggles.

SASCO must be home for those whose ideological apparutus produces and reproduces intellects that must give solutions to society. The societal standing as it is, is totally outdated, and the system which promulgates it, must be totally eradicated. These are debates which must be our obsession, and we should as female activists in the ranks of the congress movement, suggest ways of changing society. As a young activist, I have observed failures in our metropolitan municipality. And such an observation is made from a more objective point of view, and not just a mere subjective view.

Our people are suffering in this Metro, it fails in simple basic needs of society, water and housing. It fails in infrastructural development, a metro which has a University and University of Technology, and TVET college. In developing countries, institutions are key sectors of developing human capital in playing a revolutionary role in social , technological transformation, in our case it seems to be a distant factor.

The Metro is too unprogressive to serve as responsive as expected to society. If the virus was as agressive as it in Europe in our country, we would have been found wanting in our Metro. Reasons are there, and its very worrying, as for future purposes, those born and bred in Mangaung, and found themselves as members of SASCO, we know our communities, we know the situation, we see and live in it right now.

We must debate in line with suggestions of changing society, in line with working-class struggles ! 

Reitumetsi writes on her personal capacity.

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