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This 25-year-old owns a farm and cattle (See Photos)

The 25-year-old Andile Ngcobo based in Pietermaritzburg has developed his own farm in rural area of his home town. He has cattle, grow food and teaching the community agriculture.

People appreciated his wonderful job. James Preston said: "Sir, congratulations. Managing your own farm at 25 and teaching the community is an incredible achievement."

Amanda said: "Sadly the majority of us still have the mindset of entitlement and wanting things for free. If we don't show people what we can do, why would they think we can?"

Thabelo said: "He makes us feel proudly South African. Let’s continue to tell the good news about South Africans who make us feel proud of our country. It's great to see people succeeding in making the land work for them. He sets a fantastic example to those who keep shouting "give our land back" only for the sake of shouting."

Bibz said: "You deserve the accolade ! Well done Andile Ngcobo. I wish there were more like you where we all supported each other as South Africans."

Boom Shaka said: "The minister's should be running and pushing our youngsters. Farming is the future, youths must put more energy in farming than drinking, smoking and sex. This young man good example to us all."

Herbert Du Plesis said: "Let us buy our food from an inspiring young man. Life would be better if more could sprout up like this. Life would be good too if we did not have divisive politicians."

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Andile Ngcobo James Preston Pietermaritzburg


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