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Top 10 Biggest Bulls In The World

They're massive, they've got horns and they've got temperament. Some Bulls can weigh more than half of their females counterparts. Below is a list of the Top 10 biggest Bulls in the world.

10. Brahman

Originally from India this Bull looks like a hybrid between a Camel and Cow. They were exported to the USA where cattle breeders bred these creatures in 1854 to 1926.

They weigh between 1600-2200 pounds. Their silly skin makes them resistable to insects. They also have a hunk back that helps them store water for longer like Camels.

9. Sibi Bhagnari

Situated in Pakistan the Pakistanian Sibi Bhagnari can weigh up to 3500 pounds. They also have a hunk back and have much stronger horns and neck.

Each year this giant cattle is shown at the CB Meller which is a cultural event being hosted in Pakistan. It is still debated that this breed is the largest breed in the world.

8. Belgian Blue

One would expect this gigantic bull to be the most heaviest on the list but it's not. They're musculine appearance. You'd think farmers are pumping their cattle with steroids but they're not.

This breed's musculine appearance is courtesy of the natural gene mutation called "Double muscling." They can weigh up to 2750 pounds.

The females are also subject to the same genetic condition which causes them to give birth through a C-section. The curbs suffer from defects such as enlarged tongues which makes it harder for them to eat.

7. Chianina

Located in Italy this Bull is the heaviest and tallest breed in the world. Males of this breed have reached heights of 6'5 and weighs up to 3700 pounds which is the same weight as a male Hippo.

They're also the oldest and toughest cattle breeds in the world. They have tough skin that is resistant to insects and can adapt well in warm weather conditions as well.

6. German Angus

Situated in Germany females of this breed can only weigh up to 1500 pounds but it's the males that can weigh twice as much.

The breed was developed in the 1950s as it was crossed with other different cow breeds over Germany. The goal was to obtain a large sized breed with good temperament and no horns so that they can be used to produce beef with lower fat content.

5. Parthenais

Located in France this breed is one of the oldest cow breeds in France.

The cows provide high quality milk which is used for their famous dairy products and they're also used for drought work for thier strength.

They're also used to provide high quality beef with lower cholesterol. They're also amongst the biggest cow breeds in the world with an average bull weighing up to 2600 pounds.

4. Indonesian Simmental

Originally from Switzerland this Bull weighs up to 3000 pounds and reach heights of 5'2. They're also known to have capabilities of weighing beyond their estimated weight. They have a large frame and decent muscling.

3. South Devon

Originally from UK these breeds are often referred to as "the gentle giants." Bulls of this breed weigh up to 3500 pounds in average.

They're particularly strong and resistant which means they can be used for work for up to 12 years. They're known for also producing quality meat and milk production. They're able to reproduce for 15 years straight.

2. Montbeliarde

Originally from France this Bull is mainly used for dairy products. They weigh up to 2700 pounds. Unlike males the females of this breed produce tons of dairy.

They're famously known for producing one of the finest dairy which is often used to produce one of the finest milk and cheese globally.

1. Main Anjou de Pres.

Situated in France the largest ever recorded Bull was from this Breed weighing in at 4300 pounds.

The Bulls of this breed are famously know for being able to easily gain muscle or fat depending on the farmers needs.

They're very nourished which is why they're able to grow so big and they also produce one of the best dairy proucts.

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