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Farming is a solution to fight poverty and hunger

"Poverty and hunger can be combated through farming. It is true that millions of South Africans still sleep with an empty stomach and some have nothing to eat at all," said a local farmer Mr Emmanuel Mudau.

Mudau, who hails from Tshiozwi outside Louis Trichardt, said that most of the people have forgotten their roots and where they come from. "In the olden days when we where growing up in the villages, most households owned small livestock which included chickens, goats and cattle and those were one of the means to put food on the table and also to send children school. Most of the people are university graduates today through the small livestock that their parents kept at their backyard. I want to share with you that the old farming practices can still be relevant even today," Mudau said. 

According to him, farming is very effective in fighting poverty and hunger. "I was born in a poor family. The living conditions were difficult and sometimes I could go to bed with an empty stomach. I tried all means including helping the neighbours just to get a loaf of bread," he said.

Prior to following his passion, he once worked as a sales consultant at Joshua Door furniture store. "I quit the job and then venture into farming not knowing that farming is life. I bought 3 goats from a certain old man in my village which prompted my interest in farming. Today as I speak, I have 250 bosvelder sheep and 120 indigenous goats. I am able to put food in the table for my family through farming," he said. 

In 2013 he scooped the young aspirant farmer award under the backyard category organized by the Limpopo Department of Agriculture. "I scooped the young aspirant farmer of the year award in 2017 and 2018 respectively. I also scooped an award under informal market in Vhembe District Agriculture," he said. 

He now owns more than 20 hectares of land and also offer experiential learning for young graduates in agriculture. He is the chairperson of Limpopo Indigenous Veld Goat Club. "I have now acquired so much experience in farming and I have a slot on Phalaphala FM's Zwavhulimi programme where I share information and best farming practices with up-and-coming farmers every Monday at 05h00. All these I achieved through faith and prayers," he said.

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