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Video: African man in Europe says all 54 African Presidents are dumb "Look how beautiful Europe is"

African Man named George Mbaus who was taken a video at Eroupe wearing LV sunglasses seeing Eroupe as a beautiful country and saying all African leaders including all 54 presidents.

This man is seen at Europe on what looks like a tour during the day, he sees Europe as a developed country and thinks Africa can do better because it has gold, platinum, coffee, diamond and many other natural resources.

Thus man believes that African continent can do better than other continents however our leaders are greedy and they only think of their own stomachs and their families only. They do not think for everyone, they do not think of developing Africa to become the greatest continent that it deserves to be.

Richest coffee in the world comes from Africa, Gold comes from Africa, all the important natural resources comes from Africa, it leaves the continent as raw materials when it comes back the worth of the same gold is tripled.

"Look how beautiful Europe is huh, you see how the country is developed, everything is perfect, underground train. I don't know, and that's why I describe all Presidents in Africa they are stupid, all 54 presidents of Africa. It's only their stomach and their family, they don't develop if you see Africa have everything we gave gold, we have diamond, we have everything, platinum, agricultural and coffee but we not developing." Said George.

Here is the link to the video.

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