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Check: a Boy (10) who got tortured by his Parents for taking food from Pot without permission.

10-year-old Boy Tortured By His Parents For Taking Food From Pot Without Their Permission 

The 10-year-old child has been recognized as Goodluck, an occupant of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 

first News found that the progressing abuse happened on Wednesday, October 14; after the child took food from the pot without his parent's assent which was shared on Facebook by a customer recognized as Chigozie Effe who found the child meandering in the city. 

As demonstrated by Chigozie Effe, the gatekeepers of the child who hails from Akwa Ibom purportedly repelled Goodluck and sent him out of the house. 

When reached, the mother said a minister uncovered to them the child is a witch. 

Effe created; 


"For getting a plate of food from the pot without the consent of his folks, 10year old Goodluck had his body overhaul and shipped off to the streets," the post examines. 

Continue examining the record underneath. 

"The scene happened yesterday along Ereaka Road, Port Harcourt. Examination revealed that Goodluck has been on steady wildness by his folks. Thie steady fierceness makes one vulnerability if in all actuality Good karma is their youngster, lamentably he is," 

"A neighborhood of Akwa Ibom State and starting at now living in Rivers State, Goodluck won't school as his Dad said he doesn't have the money to back his guidance," 

"Goodluck was visited in the city of Port Harcourt where he attested that he was beating because of taking food. 

"He said his Dad tied him and used nail on him as can be found in photo underneath. At the point when arrived at early today, the mum of Goodluck said " My youngster is a witch , that is the explanation he is acting thusly," 

"Asked how she reach that final product, she said her minister revealed to her that the child is a witch. Right when reached before today, father of Goodluck was dead smashed and couldn't react to questions introduced to him."

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