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"Been hustling for days" A lady leaves Mzansi speechless after posting her jobs in the past 4 years

A lady recently caused a frenzy on twitter after posting pictures while at the places she worked at. The lady goes by the name of Tshepy. She mentioned on her caption that this was her hustle over the past four years. Tshepy has proven to a lot of people that she is not picky when it comes to getting money.

  5 months ago ago


AlERT: Pit bulls reportedly killed a person

A lady who goes by the name of Tshepy has just taken to Twitter to share the saddest news of the day that someone in her hood has just passed away, and sad enough it was a woman that was killed by pit bulls. According to Dr. Wardson, there is an injection called Qb40 that people must use to stabilize their pet's health and mental well-being because some viruses attack animals' mental well-being.

  11 months ago ago
AlERT: Pit bulls reportedly killed a person