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"Sometimes I think we deserve ZANU PF" says angry Zimbabwean journalist after seeing this

Zimbabwe's economy collapsed a while ago leaving a lot of families living in extreme poverty. Most Zimbabwean citizens have even resorted into fleeing the country to seek greener pastures. However with the oncoming election the opposition and other human rights activists in Zimbabwe have been urging Zimbabwean citizens to register to vote.

  5 months ago ago


How Tendai lost his arm to a hyena.

When Tindo woke up he was full of energy and well rested for their long planned hunting escapade, he thought it was a normal day like any other, little did he know that very day he was going to stare death in the face. Living near the sub Saharan the Tabani people never have a shortage of meat, their people are famous for their hunting skills. These guys can go consecutive hours in the jungle without resting looking for prey. They mastered the art of tracking wild animals which makes them excellent hunters.

  2 years ago ago
How Tendai lost his arm to a hyena.