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sibulele phatho tambodala


"What Ghana did to this boy is unforgivable" says SAFA President Danny Jordan

The match referee awarded Ghana a penalty in the 30th minute which was not a penalty, and Ghana went on to win the match 1 - 0 after Ghanaian captain Andrew Ayew converted it. SAFA immediately protested the match results and asked both CAF and FIFA to look into the matter, which FIFA is doing right now.

  12 days ago ago


Another South African man kidnapped in late night drama

The rate at which men are being kidnapped throughout South Africa for ransom has become a cause for concern. Another South African woman has gone to the media pleading for the release of her husband. The woman, who did not want to be named out of fear for her safety, told the Dispatch her husband and father of five, Sibulele Phatho-tambodala, 40, a Transnet employee, had been taken, allegedly by three men from a gathering in France village in Lusikisiki, on Saturday.

  2 months ago ago
Another South African man kidnapped in late night drama