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Ramaphosa Call On Bheki Cele To Fight Mozambique Terrorist Who Attacked South Africans -Update
BREAKING: Ramaphosa Calls On Bheki Cele To Fight Mozambique Terrorist Who Attacked South Africans
SANDF Issues Out Border Crimes Success Stories Report

South african national defence force members have been deployed in the country's borders since the beginning of the national lockdown morivated by the novel coronavirus pandemic that has struck the world.The purpose of the SANDF deployment in the borders was to prevent the illegal immigration that might worsen the pandemic since the illegal immigrant's medical conditions are not known.The national army's deployment has shown to be very fruitful after making strings of a major Breakthroughs of the cross border crimes,huge amount of the illicit goods are being confiscated,the stolen cars and illegal individuals are being nabbed and referred to the relevant government departments.This is what the south africans have been demanding from the government that they needed the country's borders secured.The government and private companies are losing a lot of money and taxes because of the black market,the fake cigarettes and clothes are all over the streets of south africa,making it the difficult for the tax paying and registered Tobacco dealers to operate.The clothing brands like Nike,Adidas and All Star to name the few remains the leading victims of the fake and counterfeit goods production industry.The south african defence force has issued out a report about their deployment,the operation is very fruitful and giving the criminals a hard time.If the government were to deal decisively with what is going on in the south african borders,the deployment of the military will have to be on a permanent basis,almost all the african countries have their borders secured and have a very harsh policies of illegal immigrants.

Foreigners tried to be creative and smuggle this, but the watchful eyes of SANDF foil their plans.