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samsung sgh e250


" Which Song Comes To Mind When You See This Phone ? " Post Causes A Stir On Social Media

We had a widely known Samsung Handset known as a " Samsung E 250 ", which was an average photo to own in the early 2000's, much before the era of Android telephones with endless cameras, way before there was 5G. The Samsung SGH-E250 is an entry-level version of the Samsung D900 (ULTRA edition 12.9) mobile phone that was released in 2006.

  3 months ago ago


"My helper pulled up with this one today", see people's Sh0cking reactions to this old phone-Opinion

A guy took to twitter pictures of a very old Samsung phone, which is called Samsung E250, the phone belongs to his helper.People were really surprised by the existence of this phone and how it is still operating.

  1 year ago ago