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'He's Innocent' Jessie Duarte Weighs In On Cyril's Criminal Allegations

Deputy secretary general of the ANC, Jessie Duarte has dropped bombshell on disgruntled ANC members who had filed an application in the secretary general's office seeking disciplinary action to be taken against president Cyril Ramaphosa. The ANC members had argued that Ramaphosa’s move to obtain private funding in the build up to the Nasrec Conference was "extraordinary and alien" as he used the campaign to advance his personal presidential ambitions sending the party into a legitimacy crisis.

  1 month ago ago
'He's Innocent' Jessie Duarte Weighs In On Cyril's Criminal Allegations


Springboks won the most "economically successful" World Cup ever!

Let that rub in - South Africa are the reigning Rugby World Cup champions. Yeah the cup is safely home till 2023 when the Springboks have to do it all again!  As if that's not enough, the 2019 Rugby World Cup tournament that was held in Japan has been announced as the most economically successful World Cup ever!  A report has stated that the tournament amassed R50 billion in revenue for Japan's GDP. Yes FIFTY BILLION RAND!!!  it gets me wondering why we aren't serious about bidding? Like seriously seriou

  1 year ago ago
Springboks won the most