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6 Plants that eat animals: NON FICTION

Normally plants make their own food through photosynthesis and we have plant-eating animals which are eaten by a flesh-eating animals/ or by omnivores but there are also plants that eat insects to even lizards, they are not eaten by bugs they eat the bugs and yes they are for real even bidorbuy has this plants, you can buy them 😲 Let's start with the one native to South Africa, yep we have carnivore plant in Mzansi, the early settlers of Cape used to hang number 1 on the list to catch flies 1. Roridula Roridula

  2 months ago
6 Plants that eat animals: NON FICTION

"Oh My God!" - See Photos Of Wild Plants That Eat Animals

Nature is full of strange, weird and amazing things which make up the beauty of the universe.

  1 months ago