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Girl killed by her neighbour in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal over a love triangle
Meet A Young Woman Who Makes A Living With Chickens
A wealthy man takes polygamy. Six women worth R700 000 married in one day
Social Award Recipients Will Keep On Being Paid Their Awards Each Month
A young KZN poultry farmer woke up into a nightmare
The suspects appeared today in the Manguza Magistrate court after doing this. Check here
A young farmer from Mangudzi (KZN) woke up to the worst trauma of her life.
The Traditional Healer Got Married To Six Women In One Day
A police officer was arrested for accidentally shooting his friend to death while drunk.
Good Samaritans donate to Sne's business after someone killed her 174 chickens.
174 Young Paultry Farmer's Chicken Killed
Another Young Poultry Farmer Woke Up To A Tragedy As All Her Chickens Where killed.
Did the dogs eat the chickens or somebody is trying to sabotage her business?
Sad thing happened to a Manguzi hustler.
South African young farmer woke up to a nightmare after an evil person did this to her chickens
A young poultry farmer woke up to 174 of her chickens murdered by an alleged business saboteur.
A lady volunteer to buy 200 chicks to help the young poultry farmer whose chickens were killed
Sad: Younger farmer woke up to her worst nightmare, it looks like she was sabotaged
Opinion: Farmers Are Now Losing Their Livestock To Brutal Killings