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"I Collect My Mothers Pee With My Bare Hands" Lady Tells How Life Serves Her Lemon Since Childhood

Ann Wambui Maina can't help but cry as she tells her sad story about how, since she was four months old, life has always dealt her lemons. She describes how, at the age of four months, she was diagnosed with polio. Her mother attempted to obtain medication from Kenyatta Hospital, but the only assistance she received was the insertion of a metal into Wambui's leg to enable her walking.

  2 months ago ago


See: trending sick man that got people talking on Facebook. (Photos)

Emergency clinic Call Him "Obscure African Man": See Photo Of A Sick Man That Got People Talking on Facebook  Today we brought to you another story structure one of the African nations as it was posted on Facebook.  The web detonated after a photograph posted by the public kenyatta emergency clinic started a free for all with most web clients denouncing the emergency clinic.  In the photograph, which was posted on the emergency clinics' legitimate site, the one who has all the earmarks of being in his 30s

  1 year ago ago
See: trending sick man that got people talking on Facebook. (Photos)


"My Daughter was Born Without The P Parts, She has Been Leaking for the Last 12 Yrs" Woman Reveal

Sharon, a young girl from Kiganjo in Thika, has touched Kenyans with her story.This comes after Grace's mother told a heartbreaking tale about how she gave birth to her daughter in 2008.

  9 months ago ago