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"After Our Wedding He Went For Honeymoon With Ex Girlfriend, I Decided The Have A Lover In Marriage

Ex-girlfriend and husband went on honeymoon together after getting married, according to Jecinta Wanjiku's story out of Komothai, Kiambu county. She married her spouse at the age of 18, according to Jecinta, because she didn't realize that people went on Honeymoons after they got married when she was still living in the village at the time.

  6 months ago ago


The Gumbis- Here's People's Reaction On Tonight Episode.

Today's episode was so much better.I actually enjoyed it.They are improving shame akufani.I love SomK's advice on polygamy and marriage in general.I guess that's why his wives get along so much. I really like Nombuso and Bayede's relationship. Today's episode was by far the better one since the show started #TheGumbis When taking a private jet is like getting on a combi #TheGumbis This Yoli kid is ungrateful and disrespectful, how can she act like she doesn’t know Jecinta’s name. I feel sorry for those who

  1 year ago ago
The Gumbis- Here's People's Reaction On Tonight Episode.