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inne ngugi


"I have declared my mom dead in my life even when she is alive, she ruined my life" -Lady lamented

"Even though she is still alive, I have proclaimed my mother dead in my life since she has devastated my life," a woman bemoaned. Anne Ngugi is a wonderful mother of two girls, but even at her advanced age, she recalls the heinous things her mother did or said when she was a child.

  2 months ago ago


"I Have Declared my Mother Dead in my Life Even When She is Alive, She Ruined my Life" - Lady Lament

It's hard for Anne Ngugi, a wonderful mother of two girls, to forget the vile things her mother said and did when she was a child. Inne Ngugi a confessed to having been raised by a toxic mother who she always blamed for her problems and who caused her a great deal of suffering throughout her life.

  1 month ago ago