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bhut majulie


"Craving for a Raw Beef... " says Mr smeg

Michael Bucwa , who is well known as Mr smeg and famous for his expensive kettle he can not live without. Mr smeg is weirdo, the things he does are just of not normality. One thing fans loves about him , is the fact that you'll never find him middling in other people's business, he's definitely good at minding his business.

  12 days ago ago


OPINION| Buti Majulie Does Not Deserve an Honorary Degree

GGM Mayor Cllr Basani Shibambu joins Nkwangulatilo Education Centre in a ceremony, to confer an honorary degree to Mr July Mabunda, otherwise known as Buti Majulie, the school decided to honour buti Majulie for his positive contribution and influence in the community through entertainment, issued by GGM Communications unit ~ Greater Giyani MunicipalityAfter eight years of struggling with studies just to obtain PhD without any luck then boom, Bhut Majulie is conferred as a Doctor for using vulgar language, this life has no balance, school is a waste of time, this is an insult to academia.

  2 months ago ago
OPINION| Buti Majulie Does Not Deserve an Honorary Degree