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Residents of Atteridgeville are left traumatized after discovering a horrific scene during the night
My Husband killed A Deadly Snake And Our Landlord Woke Up With The Same Injury.[FICTION]
Heartless mother robbed her kids the gift of live. How cruel is that
25-year-old mother arrested for murder of her two daughters.
TRAGIC! Two bodies of girls aged 10 found burnt beyond recognition in Atteridgeville-Pretoria West.
Two girls found murdered in an abandoned house at Atteridgeville ext 7
Burnt bodies of infants found in Atteridgeville
Two Pretoria girls aged 10 were burnt beyond recognition
Bad News: Pretoria Mother Charged For Killing Her Two Kids. Read More
Police Discovers Two Bodies Of Young Girls Burned In Atteridgeville
Two children ‘burned beyond recognition’ in Atteridgeville