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Feminine Behavior That Drives Guys Crazy! | All Comments

2021-02-04 12:50:23
When girls understand what guys like approximately them, it could surely cause them to win over their hearts. When it involves getting a man to discover you attractive, it is satisfactory now no longer to dress up or placed on make-up due to the fact there ...
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  • Cutis

    02-04 22:35:57

    What is it that these NIGERIAN is trying to say?

  • bondsaintjustus

    02-11 15:44:08

    space button hitch is all I see.

  • GUEST_G4Avg55zM

    02-07 16:09:39

    just imagine the crap. I'm just worried about my precious time and bundles

  • NakijobaSumin

    02-05 11:03:46

    are you writing english or

  • EllenMutemeri

    03-04 21:06:29

    yoo your writing is something else can you learn spacing

  • GUEST_P402VK8ee

    02-09 07:29:58

    which kind of bulshit is this!!! u can't even space words n ur here trying to teach us??? go back to primary 3😎

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