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"She helped me plan my wedding while sleeping with my husband" | All Comments

2021-02-11 13:32:42
Most friendships are based on trusts, to an extent where people talk about everything, and share every little detail about their personal things.When a woman is planning for a wedding, she usually does it with her friends, and some relatives. ...
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  • balarabeshehu

    02-11 17:41:43

    Ayyah sorry come let me marry you experience is the best teacher and I need experience wife

  • GUEST_Wq4WwwG5n

    02-11 17:16:01

    Both the man and the woman are evil and wicked

  • Sleekvision

    02-11 17:12:41

    women are ruthless , so don't pity them when they come with the stories , if you check this woman's past I maybe wrong there is a similar issue like this

  • Beropiz

    02-11 23:26:44

    Na part of the "help" Naa!

  • Beropiz

    02-11 23:26:44

    Na part of the "help" Naa!

  • SaboNasidi

    02-11 18:31:14

    The man is a snake he is even more dangerous than her friend. If he truly loved her he wouldn't have dired such nonsense. His eyes were on the friend not the bride.

  • GUEST_ZbDjyr8mD

    02-11 15:24:15

    Wicked woman God wil deal with her

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