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Meet A Young Woman Who Makes A Living With Chickens | All Comments

2021-02-06 10:23:23
A young businesswoman from Manguzi sees more opportunities in the farming business.This business woman who was assisted by a Samaritan who helped her get her business back on track she lost 170 chickens that were killed in one night, only 10 were left.stat ...
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  • ObedSholoma

    03-06 08:08:00

    Well done young lady.We need more people to come into chickens business as South Africa and other African countries are importing chickens.

  • GUEST_M6D6d8DZ2

    02-15 19:36:24

    Very inspiring.

  • MaryBanda_18

    02-14 06:47:02

    Keep it up young lady. You're an inspiration to many.

  • SilindileMagagula

    02-09 10:48:50

    well done

  • MthethiMbewu

    02-08 20:24:21

    that's good perverance mother of success

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