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Old Pictures of Jacob Zuma and Orian Founder resurface on the Internet: See This (Opinion) | All Comments

2021-02-23 17:37:01
Source: InstagramThe internet can be a place where old things can hunt you, jacob zuma is in that situation now.Old pictures from when Jacob Zuma was still president when he Visited the Founder of Orian. ...
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  • GUEST_5b770knv6

    02-23 23:38:44

    Let's talk about Chinese who have their own place and shops in a exclussive pary of Gauteng.Same as Orian

  • GUEST_ggRM8gNnR

    02-23 19:09:58

    Illiterate ignoramus writes!

  • Truthhurtz

    02-24 13:08:14

    The place is called Orania, It's in the Northern Cape.

  • GUEST_qwp1YeDjN

    02-24 05:39:11

    I guess the is secret agreement between the White n ANC,once U became president they let u ,b awere of it


    02-23 19:08:03

    Isn't that town called Orania?

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