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SAFA urges CAF to Stick to their Rules and Award Chiefs and Sundowns Walkover Results! | All Comments

2021-02-20 07:02:52
The South African Football Association (SAFA) has sent a clear message to CAF over the recent restrictions of South African clubs to enter other countries due to their fear of Covid-19. ...
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  • GUEST_Mg1PZ4apx

    02-20 13:44:05

    yeah these caf guys think they can bully especially southern countries

  • JohnMabila

    02-20 16:06:25

    good move safa

  • MatthewsBuwa

    02-22 21:16:01

    chiefs was burned because of not attending caf games do the same caf.

  • MatthewsBuwa

    02-22 21:13:11

    thanks Safa fight for us.

  • MsawenkosiMhlongo

    02-22 07:39:27


  • LuckyMshokobeziDladla

    02-20 13:31:07

    Safa is doing good for our teams and Southern Africa.Caf must start to treat our teams serious.

  • SabDNtshala

    02-20 15:57:01

    what took you so long safa?

  • +27-068060****

    02-20 17:13:28

    abasinike ama point thina

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