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ANC Government Says People Should Blow The Whistle Against Corruption...Mzansi Reacts | All Comments

2021-02-02 18:20:36
There's a government post making rounds on the social media streets, urging people to report all sorts of corruption happening in the country. Even a toll free number was provided to report the corruption. Within minutes after the post was shared by the AN ...
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  • GUEST_1pzlN4D5K

    02-02 20:49:06

    Liars useless party we blew the whistle when president hammerhead was looting they protected him,we are now saving our whistles for a party that will investigate and discipline the culprit,which is not this arrogant one.

  • JobMosetlhe_02

    02-02 22:47:56

    Enough is Enough with the Mzansi's injustice system and the ruling Party. The ANC are criminals, they do this all by corrupt contracts trying to fool as the parliamentary candidates operations with Gupta Office blaming Ex President Jacob Zuma as if they are clean

  • GUEST_pBxr59jPy

    02-02 21:43:10


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