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No Fear! Jacob Zuma Guns Down For All Illegal Foreigners in South Africa | All Comments

2021-02-22 19:00:57
Date: 22/02/21Source:https://twitter.com/ewnupdates/status/1363914972040892416?s=19The country of South Africa has been ignoring the issue of foreigners in the country for as far as one can remember. ...
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  • LeslyMashavha_01

    02-22 20:14:52

    What did you do when you were a President?


    02-22 20:40:29

    Zuma did see this for 9 years while he was a President he never create jobs for our childrens we pay university for our childrens but there is no job our country is destroyed by foreigners the hole SA is full of spaza shops foreigners foreigners are every where they high jack buildings in JHB so its not to late for you Zuma to clean our country we loost hope the gavemrent of ANC is useless white gavemrent was much better than ANC gavemrent

  • NtabaKubai_01

    02-22 20:36:55

    Y was this happening under his watch n he didn't act, y now

  • Patwalebhakaniya_02

    02-22 20:32:33

    What I have discovered is that some politicians use that to gain support. If I may ask, what did Msholozi do to deal with the issue since he was the president until recently?


    02-22 20:43:13

    U are speaking Zuma but also blame Ure self u were a president but u don't do anything u didn't even fix border's u were busy with the Gupta's who were also illegal and have fraudulent ids


    02-22 20:17:54

    awahambe ama foreigners especially illegal ones tired of this

  • GUEST_ewOkw652O

    02-22 21:36:43

    You stole tax payers money and built Nkandla and was involved in arms deals and corrupt activities for nine good years. Up to date you dont want to honour the Zondo Commisdion by appearing in court. Busy talking nonsense as if you were not a President. BRING BACK THE MONEY and go to jail Nxaaaa

  • GUEST_oEplJGK99

    02-22 20:47:50

    sorry Mr former president there is no freedom here. we only politicians that are enjoying freedom. their families are very rich and their friends are rich

  • luckynhlanhla

    02-22 20:07:44

    mkhulu why now

  • Litha'sMakasi

    02-22 23:01:42

    The Idiot is the last person to ask that question

  • GUEST_rqkJOrqZr

    02-23 13:45:32

    illegal foreigners must leave it's too much for South Africa and it's citizens

  • thamimaleka

    02-23 06:12:55

    He's so true people of South Africa suffer because of foreigner. yes is our brother and sister but let's put our people first so we can fight poverty. nd also media must be nutrilised because I believe they always use lie nd that increase hatred.

  • GUEST_4N6gejZZ7

    02-23 00:35:23

    How dare u open ur mouth whilst u r one of the Lawbreakers? U r remorseless,Heartless Monster.Shu the hell up.

  • GUEST_gPLe0wQ8o

    02-22 21:34:55

    Why now?Votes are coming soon.Campaigning for the corrupt party.


    02-22 20:57:12

    as soon as possible

  • [email protected]

    02-22 22:22:34

    This madala is full of jokes sometimes.He thinks he is too smart.Zuma is a failure,I wonder those who still follow him what does they look into him,but I also think birds of the same feathers flock together

  • GUEST_4mbWk2j02

    02-22 20:56:21

    We know what Zuma is trying to do. He wants to instigate xenophobic attacks to destabilize ramaphosa's leadership and at the same time shifting attention away from himself

  • AhmadJamahiryaJuma_01

    02-24 12:14:22

    why he don't think about his trials. when is pay back time you want bring xenophobia?


    02-23 13:39:31

    In 2007 Zuma promise South Africa that if we vote for him he Will chased all undocumented immigrants.but he opened gate for them.you remember.is his fault he Must shut up


    02-23 11:29:39

    ey abahambe man

  • PhumeleleMtshali_01

    02-23 10:13:24

    Kunjalo baba kunzima sibanga ama RDP houses, Social grant, imsebenzi,izindawo zokuthengisa, kuningi , sifelwa abantwana ngenxa Yama drugs siyakhala akekho osizwayo,

  • GUEST_d1gPWNxYq

    02-23 08:54:28

    Zuma was busy stealing during his Presidency.running around with the Gupta's in blue lights cars.it is too late for him to do right what he was suppose to do for the country.he must Shut up his big mouth

  • GUEST_jK8wpXj3b

    02-23 08:45:45

    But you foreigners really you giving South Africans problem.Just go back to your Countries we can visit each only not permanent stay please.The elegal one.

  • GUEST_x6n4aLxaY

    02-23 08:42:12

    I worked at one company in 2008 and 2009 and we were 45 people in our department. For the 2 years I was there the least number of people absent was 3 for only one day, the rest days you have between 5 to 10 people absent every day. I am a foreigner and i was not absent even 1 day, neither sick. At lunch time some snick out, or hide somewhere in the company and drink some alcohol. I worked at another company, one guy every month end if he get paid from Monday does not come to work until Wednesday or Thursday. And during those days he is not at work who will be working ❓ So these things make employers prefer foreigners than nationals, absentees at work.

  • GUEST_6XZEe5jn7

    02-23 08:18:32

    he must finish with the zondo commission then talk about foreigners rubbish article

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