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In Pics| See Why This Is The Worst Day For People In Venda | All Comments

2021-02-23 09:15:52
Heavy rains have caused so much damage in Venda and has destroyed a lot of people's lives.Whilst others are battling with ambush predators that swim to their doorsteps, others have lost their homes, livestock, cars and family. ...
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  • GUEST_ozqzvMOVL

    02-23 11:01:22

    viva anc, keep voting for corruption nd together we can loot more

  • GUEST_kdwKMxlgM

    02-23 13:15:53

    God is angry do you blame him? We are tired of Limpopo with it witchcraft let go clean it will follow if we wrong other people

  • HulisaniNemulalate_01

    02-23 11:11:59

    Sad indeed. It's time to use our votes wisely

  • GUEST_eyJm0p588

    02-23 11:49:08

    Where is this?

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