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Minister Angie Motshekga Received Death Threats After Saying Something Insensitive To Learners | All Comments

2021-02-15 18:43:18
Public schools finally reopened today, a lot of learners were really excited to go back to school.However, something Angie Motshekga said to learners during a speech really rubbed people off the wrong way. ...
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  • +27-81707****

    02-18 19:26:41

    zange business kuNzima mayb kuba engafundanga undiphoxile lotata wayengaphenduli yonkenimfukumfuku.wayendicingisa u Tata u TB Joshua akabuphenduli ububhanxa noba iyaCapukisa abayidaneli 27rys Oki naba imali yhaaaaaaaaaa


    02-15 22:32:10

    I have retired when do you take your retirement Minister? You and Mantombela should really go relax and play wit your grandchildren. Let fresh minds drive this car, Jooo! Le di joke le a tse ba.

  • BokkieBadenhorst

    02-18 14:16:06

    dont know where she come or fall out fire her not fit for that job

  • PatrickLishivha

    02-15 22:22:27

    She said EDUCATED PEOPLE DON'T RAPE. She never said CERTIFICATED PEOPLE. Teachers who rape their pupils are not EDUCATED but CERTIFICATED. Therefore, her statement is 100 % right.

  • +27-81707****

    02-18 19:30:25

    khona I future yabantwa eyakhelwe kwi foundation yesanti kuba ngamasela bazakubanjani. qhubekekani future or I history ezayo abantwana bangafundanga Bazakutya leyabantwana Beni enibafundisileyo Mark my word

  • KhaumeRamara

    02-18 19:03:25

    This are the products of Bantu education , I am not surprised.

  • GUEST_rvyYReaME

    02-18 10:54:32


  • Crazyfrogggg

    02-16 23:57:00

    That's the people running our country. Why act so surprised

  • GUEST_a0NQj2aLJ

    02-18 11:39:45

    Why are you so hard up about angie it was just a slip of a tongue

  • +27-082482****

    02-16 20:17:40

    Yes I agree with u Patrick pple must read carefully WHT she said which means if u are educated you won't rape a child thts it

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