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A rich lady was tricked into dating a security guard thinking he is a doctor, see how she found out | All Comments

2021-02-11 15:15:25
A lady took matters to Facebook asking for help help after she found out the man she is dating is not who he say he is.She has a very high standard and she wanted someone who will fit her standard and give her a social face. ...
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  • GUEST_1nx6jk98v

    02-19 13:10:14

    Asecurity guard is also a good given let her continue loving him

  • GUEST_vrVaAx8nX

    02-18 23:39:11

    Men r men

  • GUEST_6o1o9NmOg

    02-12 10:15:22

    Do you love or you are interested in statuses and material possessions?

  • +27-082431****

    02-12 09:09:46

    You got what you deserve. 😂😂😂 Your love is based on material things. You did not love him but his status

  • GodfreyOchieng_03

    02-25 13:02:13

    this lady is not intelligent, with her riches she should support this guard for a better life since she already has his pregnancy,a guard is also a human being

  • GUEST_n6Er3domz

    02-18 18:03:05

    man is still man bare foot. or suits and ties. remain a man.regardless of status

  • GUEST_gxzzKe9pm

    02-18 15:13:53

    You want job or husband, that is where ladies miss the point, job can end like it appeared during Covid-19 but husband will be there for you.

  • MohlabaneAbinar

    02-22 08:22:17

    Shame on you, You are in love with his status not him

  • Aphines

    02-18 01:08:28

    But you can still make him the standard you want him to be.Take him mold him


    03-07 00:56:01

    I wander what's your proffetion for not allowing you to be a security guards wife girlfriend hahaha amen

  • CwengiDadirai

    03-04 21:50:49

    Give her another child man

  • CwengiDadirai

    03-04 21:50:09

    Give her an child man

  • Jogoookangwana

    02-23 10:52:22

    this is normal,I trick a lady with a master's degree holder that am a secretary to the office of the president ..we are now living as husband and 3

  • RogerMullins_01

    02-15 07:08:17

    She is Miss Status but screws around before marriage

  • ButanaRobertMahlaule_01

    02-12 19:17:19

    He loves you? If answer is yes better go on cus you will find Dr but he doesn't love you if is me I go with flow not status

  • GUEST_8qoVVl3Ne

    02-12 05:34:35

    Give that man a bells,


    02-27 13:52:38

    So u never visited him in his workplace. Where did he perform the abortion home or hospital??

  • MlondoloziNdaba

    03-05 00:34:04

    this birch deserves such things ulayekile sfebe ndin all woman are just like this

  • GUEST_QvX871pp2

    02-12 19:14:13

    SA is infested with kinds of criminals en foreigners always claim to be doctors. ppl keep away frm these foreign criminals, what's your problem. we've 9 provinces full of highly qualified men.

  • Aphines

    02-18 01:07:08

    You got carried away with status so you got what you wanted just the humble pie😕😕😕

  • +256-078620****

    03-02 07:49:14

    man are always Aman doctor , an accountant, minister all die

  • RaphaelNyambu

    02-24 19:46:37

    Be ashemed even aGuard is a humane


    03-01 17:16:22

    she got what she wanted, security guards hve penni's too

  • +263-78535****

    02-21 10:53:42

    So she wants title not person kkkkk you eat that my friend

  • GUEST_k9ybxR2VR

    02-12 14:14:41

    Give that man a bells go now and marry your type is a lesson that you should never look down at other because they leave lowless life ornot have decent jobs.

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