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People who are not employed should get R1050 every month from the government as grant.[opinion] | All Comments

2021-02-02 19:30:42
Joblessness rate is too high and numerous individuals are not working and it is more troublesome now on the grounds that numerous again are loosing their positions reason for the pandemic. I figure they ought to get a sensible sum that they can be capable ...
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  • Henryjohn

    02-05 02:28:26


  • +27-74449****

    02-02 21:03:20

    Where they gonna get the money from with the Gravy Train still rolling swiftly . Ramaposa might raise taxes again


    02-03 00:22:05

    Stop giving money for children under the age of 20 that only drug money that can go to someone who needs the money

  • GUEST_7lKLAd5a4

    02-02 23:36:44

    we need a increase to the grant I'm living from this and I looking so hard for work daily

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