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Some of the funniest things done by monkeys caught on camera | All Comments

2021-02-06 19:19:59
Monkeys can be very silly some times when they want to and they are not afraid of humans because humans feed them sometimes when they are close to houses, monkeys can be trouble makers, they break in, they steal and they are specialists at robbing food out ...
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  • Tbtkenya

    02-11 15:06:31

    How can this article help our safety??

  • GUEST_xpM4q49EJ

    02-07 13:44:46

    Monkeys🐒 are like silly kids, they live like human being's.

  • Sasha1987

    02-07 12:40:53

    there's nothing funny here,what is the writer saying?

  • EmmaLaz

    02-21 12:56:42

    nothing new

  • MadamBenson.

    02-18 19:37:02

    Thank you for wasting my bundles nxa!

  • GUEST_nbApowxrw

    02-11 12:54:10

    Nothing new in your story Try again

  • +256-77451****

    02-07 08:17:26

    I have not seen any thing interesting as you tried to tell in your introduction, Post the photos clearly

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