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Shoprite Is Trending, That Got People Commenting | All Comments

2021-02-06 13:07:42
It looks like there have been a misunderstanding, a customer bought a Fresh Cream in Shoprite, Van Derek Walt Street Pretoria central. ...
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  • DennisMashifane

    02-06 20:02:07

    i went to shoprite in paarl at mbekweni. the flies were all over their cooked food at the back

  • GUEST_RN6lD0Bn4

    02-06 19:28:22

    Add sugar wenze amasi😅😅

  • GUEST_EWy16l7m7

    02-06 20:08:42

    what are you going to achieve if you throw the cream in their face. will you like it if someone throws stuff in your face. treat people the way you want to be treated.


    02-06 19:06:08

    U were sour already? hhayi uyabheda ndoda

  • GUEST_43WjNxa5K

    02-07 07:36:33

    Take it back dey gonna help u

  • MatsietsiEunice_01

    02-07 03:02:21

    I once bought instant Ace porridge, it was not the way i know it i sent it back without the original paper but the change it

  • JeffreyMalungane

    02-06 21:23:28

    if Shoprite is selling expired food just go to Spar ga ke zanga ka bona ba rebitxa ka magae a rena . I will remain loyal shopper at Shopritecheckers Better and Better

  • MakhasuPuputle

    02-06 19:24:15

    It seems as if almost everything in store has expired

  • GUEST_el6mOy29r

    02-06 17:01:36

    Yesterday I bought long life milk from shoprite but I was sour already.

  • GUEST_zr2y7de8D

    02-06 19:13:37

    Learn 2 check expry date b4 paying, its not deir fault dat u ddnt check xpiry date dom

  • YvonneLehana

    02-06 20:29:17

    U are right even their fresh milk has expired they must do something

  • GUEST_4qBOjgzLY

    02-06 20:25:07

    such a shame that Shoprite do this to customers why stoking stale food sis man 🗣️🗣️🗣️

  • ZandidwaNtwalambi

    02-07 15:27:02

    The problem at shoprite. is that,when you buy lots of groceries they always beat up the items that you did not buy.

  • [email protected]

    02-07 10:47:11

    amasimba then on the other selling mofire 2L at R3.99

  • GUEST_86YWwO1Yq

    02-06 21:12:49

    shoprite does sell old/expired staff need to be carefully check date

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