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Take a look at Lil Wayne's pictures and see what people say about his current look | All Comments

2021-02-16 19:37:15
Lil Wayne is a world wide known rapper who's good at what he does, he's actually the greatest rapper amongst the greatest, he's mostly know for his flashy lifestyle and showing off all the achievements he's had during his musical career. ...
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  • +234-903633****

    02-16 21:58:37

    Dude needs help urgently. He's one leg over, seriously.


    02-18 08:09:55

    From Animal Kingdom

  • UjuPraise

    02-17 01:56:54

    it 👃smell


    02-17 13:48:19

    decayed and nothing more. fame is nonsense.

  • GUEST_zyp0aX6jP

    02-17 13:26:39

    Chai ihe a'nurua'nu.

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