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Who is Mel Tasha a South African based Zimbabwean model: Profile | All Comments

2021-02-02 14:08:41
When Zimbabwe brings its people to South Africa it sometimes sends its best, case in point is a new Instagram model and tik tok star Mel Tasha. Born and raised in Harare Zimbabwe Mel Tasha attended her primary and high school in Zimbabwe. But she soon got ...
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  • GUEST_D2dlPVm5P

    02-05 05:06:31

    Zimbabwe does not send people to SA,we come willingly

  • GUEST_knbaLd4rA

    02-02 17:15:25

    There is no model like that

  • GUEST_wL6jnG8mY

    02-02 15:16:15

    All Zimbabweans are now in South Africa. Surely their filthy country is empty.

  • KashitiguwaSozaKashitigu

    02-03 11:54:17

    Ngazviperere ikoko

  • GUEST_x0p59om5W

    02-02 23:28:07

    uyu ummmmm guys

  • GUEST_wm6V3rvzL

    02-02 19:38:40

    Our Zimbabwean makoti must stay there. They deserve each other!

  • GUEST_6zkNBPJ72

    02-02 18:13:34

    anorwara uyo dzoka kumba my sister

  • GriffinSikazwe_01

    02-02 17:06:38

    she is too short

  • GUEST_Q2wmBvONn

    02-02 16:34:08

    Becoz of your hatred that's what you think

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