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You are slowly killing yourself as a man, if you still do any of these five things for fun | All Comments

2021-02-22 09:59:17
Yes, life is ephemeral and has no special procedures or skills.So the sooner I do something I'm serious here the better.The worst writing system is what you have and can remind you of a little bit happening without my knowledge. ...
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  • GUEST_39zvj5dn4

    02-23 14:17:33

    Two of those five are irrelevant to what you sad about health.I can't see playing soccer games been risk to your health.

  • GUEST_zKM8vm1Jy

    02-25 18:00:05

    6. Men who add salt on every dish are killing themselves too

  • GUEST_R1BmO02k6

    02-23 08:28:54

    strong point....#5

  • LindiSele

    02-23 14:45:00

    What God blessing, alcohol or anything else on your mind

  • oupamokoka

    02-23 18:32:52

    This time relly you are worry about that

  • GUEST_Ov190QJzd

    02-22 17:29:11

    Eish! No 5 ne👏👏👏

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